Protecting landlord rights in the Chicago, IL area

Cary G. Schiff & Associates

Cary G. Schiff is a regular speaker and author on the subject of Property Management Law and those issues that are ancillary to property management practice, such as landlord rights and eviction practices. Cary G. Schiff & Associates is one of the largest firms in Illinois as measured by volume of Forcible Entry and Detainer Actions filed. Over the last twenty years, the firm has initiated and prosecuted some of Greater Chicago’s most publicized and controversial eviction battles with a heavy focus on preserving landlord rights.

Mr. Schiff is regularly called upon by industry leaders throughout Chicago and nationwide to extrapolate economic data relative to the Chicagoland area apartment and commercial markets and sub-markets based upon volume of eviction cases filed.

About Cary G. Schiff

Cary is a 1978 graduate of the University of Michigan and 1981 graduate of Emory University Law School. He has been a Principal at Cary G. Schiff & Associates in Chicago, IL since 1986, with specialization in landlord rights. Cary is on the Board of Directors of the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind. The foundation runs a program called VetDog, which provides service dogs to disabled vets.

The program provides specially bred and trained dogs to veterans, many of whom are returning from the current Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts with single or multiple amputations. The dogs help them live as independently as possible, providing much needed companionship and emotional support. Cary also serves on the Board of Directors of The Friends of the Jewish Chapel at the U.S. Naval Academy.